5 Quick Sugarless Inspirations

1. “My Years Without Sugar” is a blog that you probably have seen already. A woman who in 2008 gave up sugar for a year, but still today posts about the dangers of sugar and offers recipes and advice. Here is a link to one of her recipes that is found in a post I really enjoyed reading (and strongly identified with): Nothing Cookies

2. Simply Sugar & Gluten Free – Another website that is helping me out. Another woman who realized sugar was not a good part of her life. She did something about it, and now she is healthy and beautiful and has this great website and events to help others. 🙂

3. Running. It relieves stress, it makes me feel better, and it keeps me healthier. Is it easy? Not usually, unless I’m having a super lazy day and basically walking in a running kind of way. Something that helped me along the way? A podcast. One of the first experiences I had with a podcast actually. It is by Mia, or “Chubby Jones” and it is one of those “couch to 5k” podcasts. It really works. I love listening to Mia help me along as I run, I enjoy the music choices, and it keeps me more motivated than if I always ran alone with just my regular old tunes. You can go straight to itunes or to chubbyjones.com

4. My Mom. She doesn’t care if I tell her everything that I eat so that I feel accountable to someone. She praises me for working out as if I ran a marathon. She never makes me feel like a failure when I mess up. But she reminds me how important it is that I take care of myself. And she tells me new info about vitamin D and emails me interesting health articles. Find someone who loves you and tell them whatever your goals are. They will support you, and God it really helps. (By the way. These are not in any order. My mom is and will always be my number 1 inspiration)

5. My last quick inspiration is the future. I have an idea of how I want it to be, of places I want to go, and the person I want to be. Below is a picture of Banff, Canada. It is part of my dream trip that I have been planning, and one day hope to actually take. (Thank you whomever took this picture!) I need to concentrate on where I am going and all the great things that could happen. Who cares if sugar isn’t involved? Why is it so important to me? It causes me so many problems. It isn’t necessary to my happiness. Sure, maybe I won’t be able to have mint chocolate chip ice cream ever again, but there are plenty of other things I can and will have that are just as good or better. 




One Comment to “5 Quick Sugarless Inspirations”

  1. SO happy the podcasts have helped. Thanks for spreading the love and keep on keepin’ on!! xo

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